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The Airline Industry Value Chain
Airline industry value chain

Inbound logistics
Primary activites
?    Stock control ? airlines must store and handle fuel, food, and drinks. Stock is managed to ensure reductions in stock turnover, thus reducing costs and wastage.
?    Route selection ? airlines must choose their flight routes. These will be selected upon desired routes, and deals negotiated with the airports. Airports are selected for their prime location, to allow consumers to get to their desired location. This then entails the scheduling of flights and crew.
?    Passenger services system ? software which allows the airlines to function "comprehensive passenger reservations, inventory control, fares, ticketing, and departure control functions" ( 2006). This allows airlines to reduce their costs of wages and paper transactions, and maximize utilization.
?    Yield management ? this allows the airlines to compare their available seats against demand for particular flights to price the tickets accordingly. This has been particularly prevalent in recent years for airlines, particularly low cost carriers such as Ryanair whose prices for a flight vary greatly..
?    Aircraft acquisition ? airlines must negotiate deals with aircraft manufacturers to acquire planes. For instance Ryanair use a standardized airplane which allows them to reduce their staff training costs, as well as their maintenance costs.
Support activities
?    Firm infrastructure ? budgets, accounting, regulatory compliance, legal issues, public relations
?    Human resources ? flight, route and yield analyst training
?    Technology development ? computer reservati ...
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China Sport Product Market Analysis

Since in China the economy expanded immensely and the urban people start to accept Western world dress style. The Chinese young people’s fashion styles are most trends to North American. Accordingly, the volume of trade between foreign countries and China is increasing rapidly. In order to enter China market, the Marketing strategy should be considered, and some adaptations and developments are necessary.
Marketing strategy
Join a partnership with local company is the optimal method for Roots to operating business in Chinese market. Especially, the Chinese business has very strong relationship between retailers and wholesalers, this factor has the highest flight for a new firm successful in China. The local partners could manage lots of marketing functions such as supervise inventory and transported distribution. The product development and promotional management could manage by Roots and local partners coordinated. Furthermore, the price policy management will be a coordination of both two parties to ensure that the price is affordable and rivalrous.
Product adaptations
Same to Canada, Chinese youngling prefer sportswear much better, the leather bag and wallet also very popular in China.

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